Wild Cherry – Issue 27


These snowfalls are such a tease! Especially intermingled with warm summery feeling days. The saps are really flowing in the trees now and it’s the perfect time to harvest some Wild Cherry bark to learn about this month.

Wild Cherry is typically associated with coughs and lung ailments but he is good for so much more! I have partnered with him on many occasion to treat anxiety and have never been let down.

This month is a hefty sized zine, full of great herbal learning fun with Wild Cherry.

Cheery (wild) Cherry Table of Contents:

Note to Parents

Calendar of Activities for the Month

Herb Spirit: How Do You See Wild Cherry?

All About…Wild Cherry

Scramble, Search and More: Word Search, Lable the Flower Parts, Fill in the Missing Letters

Herbal Lore: How Cherry Got Her Stripes

Songs and Poems

Herbal Recipes: Wild Cherry Bark Tincture, Wild Cherry Super Elixir, Wild Cherry Cough Syrup, Wild Cherry Cough Drops, Wild Cherry Tea, Wild Cherry Sauce, Wild Cherry Conserve

Coloring Page

Herbal Crafts and More: Wild Cherry Dye, Wild Cherry Gum, Pressing Wild Cherry

Maze: Which String Leads to the Wild Cherry Berries?

Herbal Journal: Record your journey with Wild Cherry

Crossword Puzzle

Resource Page

PDF digital file – 38 pages from cover to resource page.


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