Birch – Issue 37


All around the Northern hemisphere people are tapping their Maple trees in anticipation of collecting gallons of sap for boiling down to make syrup. Did you know that people are also tapping Birch trees right now? Birch sap has been drank for centuries as a tonic drink known for its medicinal qualities. This month you will learn all about the medicinal benefits of Birch sap, twigs, bark and leaves.

Explore the activities in this issue and create a fetching Birch Bark picture frame to display your favorite photo in. There are several links posted in the Resource section for making a Birch bark basket as well as how to tap a tree in case you are interested in trying that on your own. There’s even a great video on how to make your own Birch Essential oil from the bark.

We have lots of fun games and recipes packed in this issue! Learn all about Birch’s anatomy in the Herbal Botany section, create Elixir, tea and oil using Birch leaves, twigs and bark.

Birch Table of Contents:

Note to Parents
Herb Spirit
All About Birch
Scramble, Search and More: Word Search, Multiple Choice, Unscramble the Words, Bubblegram
Herbal Botany: Learning Birch’s Parts
Herbal Lore: A Use For Birch
Songs and Poems: Spring Thaw, Go Out and Harvest Birch
Herbal Recipes: Birch Infused Oil, Birch Elixir, Birch Tea
Coloring Page
Herbal Crafts: Herb Pressing/Drawing, Birch Picture Frame
Maze: Find Your Way Through The Birch Twig
Journal: Write your thoughts, medicine making notes and other information about your month with Birch
Crossword Puzzle

PDF digital file – 35 pages from Cover to Resource page.


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