Books and More

The following is a list that I’ve compiled of books, card decks, games, posters and anything else that focuses on herbal learning and is kid friendly. I’ll add to it as I come across more! If you have any suggestions, send them to info AT herbalroots zine DOT com so I can add them! Please note, I do NOT sell these or have these available, they are just a list of resources that are OUT THERE for you and your children to explore. If you would like to support Herbal Roots zine through your purchases of these books, you can shop through our Amazon Associates store. Please note that not all resources listed below are available through Amazon’s website.

Coloring Books:


Other Kids’ Herbal Curriculum:


Childrens’ Herbals (C) and Kid-Friendly (A) Herbals:


Botany and Field Identification Books:


Wild Food Books:


Miscellaneous Books Fiction and Non-Fiction:


Herbal Card Decks and Games: 


Herbal and Other Plant Based Board Games:


Free Downloadable Games:

  • Tree Leaf Bingo (free downloadable game that teaches about leaf types)
  • Botany Scavenger Hunt (free downloadable game to get familiar with botany terms)
  • Go Cultivate! (free downloadable game similar to Go Fish! that teaches native herb identification)
  • Herbal Bingo (free downloadable game that helps with herb identification)
  • Plant Quest Botany Game (free downloadable game that helps reinforce basic botany)


Herbal Posters:

  • Herbal Remedies for Common Ailments
    Healing Herbs by
  • Native American Medicine Plant Chart by Darcy Williamson
  • Herbs and Medicinal Plants Poster by Pomegranate
  • The Complete Ayurvedic Herb Chart by
  • Traditional Healing Herbs by BotanicalPosters
  • Seaweeds: Celebrate Diversity in the Pacific by Centre for Marine Biodiversity


CD’s, Videos and MP3’s:


Herbally supportive TV shows:


Herbal Apps for smart phones, tablets and iPads:


Homeschooling Herbal, Botany, Wild Food and Nature Based Curriculums & Resources:


Herbal Stories:


Herbalists Offering Kids’ Programming:


Herbal Conferences that offer Extensive Kids’ Programs:

These conferences have specific programs for kids, mostly focusing on herbs


Kid Friendly Herbal Conferences (in addition to the above listed):

These conferences typically allow kids in for free or with greatly reduced rates but may only have 1 or 2 classes for kids


Nature Camps for Kids:


Herbal Publications (adult oriented):