Poke – Issue 115


This plant has had a bad reputation for a long while. And all the while, Southern folk herbalists have quietly used it with great results. I have to consider this plant to be in one of my top 10 essentials, I love it that much. And while it is a low dose botanical, that does not mean it’s not a valid medicine, it simply means that you have to be careful with how much you use.

This is definitely not a “beginner’s herb” but if you’ve been working with herbs for awhile, you can safely use it as long as you don’t overdo it.

In this month’s issue, we’ll talk about how to safely use this plant with great effectiveness and what Poke is best used for as well as safety precautions and what to do if you do take too much.

Prevalent Poke Table of Contents:

Note to Parents
Supply List
Herb Spirit
All About Poke
Herbal Glossary
Scramble, Search and More: Circle the Energetics, List the Vitamins and Minerals, List the Constituents, Word Search Word Scramble, Multiple Choice, Vitamin and Mineral Soup
Herbal Botany
Herbal Lore:  Poke and the Sorcerer
Songs and Poems: Poke Herb Medicine, Can You Dig It?
Herbal Recipes:  Poke Extract,  Pink Water, Poke Root Infused Oil, Poke Root Salve, Poke Salat
Coloring Page
Herbal Crafts: Drawing/Pressing of Poke, Poke Ink, Poke Hair Dye, Dyeing with Pokeberry
How Many Words
Maze: Can you find your way through the Poke Leaf?
Journal: Write your thoughts, medicine making notes and other information about your month with Poke
Crossword Puzzle

54 pages from Cover to Cover – PDF downloadable file


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