Licorice – Issue 108


Licorice brings up fond childhood memories as it was my dad’s favorite candy. While most modern day Licorice is no longer flavored with actual Licorice (don’t you miss having your tongue dyed yellow/black from it??) Licorice still has many valid uses in herbal healing, including for sore throats, coughs and digestive issues. This issue explores the many uses of Licorice, the cautions of taking Licorice and new ways to incorporate it into your herbal regime.

Lavish Licorice Table of Contents:

Note to Parents
Supply List
Herb Spirit
All About Licorice
Herbal Glossary
Scramble, Search and More: Word Search, Circle the Energetics, List the Vitamins and Minerals, Word Scramble, Multiple Choice
Herbal Botany
Herbal Lore: Sweet Root
Songs and Poems: That’s Why I Take the Licorice, Licorice Cinquain
Herbal Recipes: Licorice Extract, Licorice Decoction, Licorice Syrup, Licorice Cough Drops, Licorice Infused Oil, Licorice Salve, Black Licorice Ice Cream
Coloring Page
Herbal Crafts: Drawing/Pressing of Licorice, Dyeing with Licorice
How Many Words?
Maze: Can you find your way through the Licorice Root Sticks?
Journal: Write your thoughts, medicine making notes and other information about your month with Licorice
Crossword Puzzle

56 pages from Cover to Cover – PDF downloadable file


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