Coltsfoot – Issue 98


Often referred to as filius ante patrem “son before father” because the flowers bloom and mostly die before the leaves appear, Coltsfoot has been used for thousands of years as medicine. A portrait of a Coltsfoot flower hung over a doorway signified apothecaries and pharmacies of old in many European countries.

A reputation tarnished by the discovery of pyrrolizidine alkaloids, Coltsfoot has none the less stood the time of time for a first rate herb dealing with coughs. We’ll discuss the uses and cautions of using Coltsfoot in this month’s issue.

Copious Coltsfoot’s Table of Contents:

Note to Parents
Supply List
Herb Spirit
All About Coltsfoot
Herbal Glossary
Scramble, Search and More: Word Search, Circle the Energetics, List the Vitamins and Minerals, Word Scramble, Multiple Choice
Herbal Botany
Herbal Lore: 
Songs and Poems: Coltsfoot, A Harbinger of Spring, Coltsfoot
Herbal Recipes:Extract, Flower Tea, Leaf Tea, Infused Oil, Cough Drops, Flower Infused Honey, Leaf Poultices
Coloring Page
Herbal Crafts: Drawing/Pressing of Coltsfoot, Dyeing with Coltsfoot
How Many Words?
Maze: Can you find your way through the Coltsfoot leaf?
Journal: Write your thoughts, medicine making notes and other information about your month with Coltsfoot
Crossword Puzzle
*NEWLY EXPANDED* Final pages – now contains answers to the games and puzzles

PDF digital file – 52 pages from Cover to Cover.


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