Sumac – Issue 45


Traditionally, all parts of the Sumac bush can be used for medicine. Most commonly only his berries are used but it’s worth exploring the bark, roots and leaves as well, which can offer us medicine that even his berries cannot. This native American traditional herb can be found growing all over North America and many parts of the world. There are over 250 different species of Sumac that can be found in both temperate and subtropical regions, including Africa.

This month we’ll learn all about Sumac’s medicinal qualities, make some medicine from all parts of the Sumac bush and enjoy his colorful splendor of fall in our monthly craft.

Sumac Table of Contents:

Note to Parents
Herb Spirit
All About Sumac
Scramble, Search and More: Word Search, Word Scramble, Decicher
Herbal Botany: Learning Sumac’s Parts
Herbal Lore: Sumac Sends a Message
Songs and Poems: Sumac Saves the Day
Herbal Recipes: Rhus Juice, Sumac Salve, Poultices, Sumac Elixir, Crushed Dried Sumac Berries
Coloring Page
Herbal Crafts: Herb Pressing/Drawing, Sumac Flower Tiles
Maze: Find Your Way Through the Crow and the Sumac
Journal: Write your thoughts, medicine making notes and other information about your month with Sumac
Crossword Puzzle

PDF digital file – 36 pages from Cover to Cover page.


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