Cottonwood – Issue 25


Spring is coming! As the weather starts to fluctuate, trees start to awaken and with this awakening brings their medicine!

One of the first trees to share their medicine with us is the Cottonwood. Ice storms and other strong weather systems tend to snap the brittle ends of Cottonwoods branches off, delivering their medicine within easy reach all around us on the ground. The resinous buds and twigs are what we are after to glean the sweet medicine that Cottonwood offers.

This month, we’ll go on a journey to harvest the buds and twigs, and take them home to make some wonderful Cottonwood medicine.

Newly Revised! Communing with Cottonwood Table of Contents:

Note to Parents
Calendar of Activities for the Month
Herb Spirit: How Do You See Cottonwood?
All About…Cottonwood
Scramble, Search and More: Alphabetize the Actions, Decode the Secret Message, Word Search
Herbal Lore: A Friend for Cottonwood
Songs and Poems
Herbal Recipes: Balm of Gilead Massage Oil, Balm of Gilead Salve, Honey Balm, Cottonwood Liniment, Cottonwood Bark Infused Vinegar, Tincturing Cottonwood Buds
Coloring Page
Herbal Crafts and More: Making Cottonwood Twig Star Pendants, Harvesting Buds, Harvesting Bark, Press a Leaf/Sketch
How Many Words
Herbal Journal: Record your journey with Cottonwood
Crossword Puzzle
Resource Page
Answer Page

PDF digital file – 54 pages from Cover to Resource Page


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