Chickweed – Issue 2


Herbal Roots for March is ready! This month we’ll explore all the uses of Chickweed. This cool weather plant is ready to harvest!

Take a Peek at Chickweed – March Table of Contents:

Note to Parents
Herb Spirits
All About…Chickweed
Word Search, Scramble and More
Herbal Lore: How Starweed Got Her Stars
Songs and Poems: Chickweed, Chickweed, Flower Star / Winter’s Gift / C-H-I-C-K-W-E-E-D / Chickweed Haiku
Herbal Recipes: Chickweed Infusion, Chickweed Extract, Chickweed Pesto, a Herbal oil and a Herbal Salve
Coloring Page
Herbal Crafts and More!: Herb Pressing/Drawing page, How to make plant pressings, make an herbal bookmark and make a felt chickweed finger puppet
Maze: Help the rabbit find the Chickweed patch
Herbal Journal: A Place to Record Your Discoveries and Writings about Chickweed
Crossword Puzzle
Resource Guide: Books to Read, Games to Play, Websites to Explore
Back pages

PDF digital file – This issue contains 54 pages, including the cover.


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