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Herbal Roots zine LLC’s Herb Club is launching in January 2022!

Just what is the Club?

Herb Club is a membership site created by Herbal Roots zine LLC that offers individualized learning opportunities for kids and their parents. 

Herb Club allows kids and their parents who are interested in herbalism to learn about the medicinal uses of herbs.

More than just a website, the Club infuses videos with learning materials and offers opportunities for kids to learn through a variety of methods. Parents can choose the topics and methods of learning their child best learns by.

When you join the Club, you will discover a growing community of families who are seeking a healthier lifestyle and are choosing to learn about the medicinal uses of herbs.

Offered only by Herbal Roots zine LLC, this is a space for all to come together to learn about herbs, build knowledge, skills, and a home apothecary, and discover the benefits of herbs with the support of others.

Here you will find video lessons, ebooks, expanded curriculums, bonus coloring pages, recipes, tutorials, and a community that is just as excited about learning herbs as you are.

Many of these offerings are exclusive to Club members.

There will be live sessions for parents to ask questions, make herbal remedies together, and build relationships with members on the same journey.

At the launch, parents will have the chance to connect with other parents to trouble shoot,  learn, and share the joys of herbalism.

Have you ever felt alone when trying to teach your kids about a healthy lifestyle?

Is it hard to get them on board with learning about and using herbs for health benefits?

Do you struggle with teaching your kids confidently while learning about herbalism yourself?

The Club was created to give a safe space for members to learn about herbs while providing both parents and kids the opportunity to gain deep herbal knowledge, explore and learn at their own pace, and let parents meet other parents who are interested in doing the same.

If you – 


– are wanting to teach your kids about herbs…

– and don’t know how to get started…

– or don’t know how to keep your kids excited about herbs…

– or you are feeling overwhelmed when it comes to coming up with ideas how to share herbalism with your kids…

The Club is for you!

What is included in the Herb Club membership?

The introduction of Herb Club will offer Thirteen video lessons on:

    • Plant identification
    • The medicinal, edible (if applicable), and other uses
    • Botany
    • How to draw the plant
    • How to make medicine with the plant
    • The plant’s story

For the following herbs: Calendula, Chamomile, Chickweed, Cleavers, Dandelion, Elder, Lemon Balm, Marshmallow, Nettles, Peppermint, Rose, Violet, and Yarrow.

Plus –

The corresponding eBook for each herb lesson (Herbal Roots zine issue)


An additional coloring page for each herb


Brand-new, never before offered, curriculum options and lesson plans for:

    • Preschool/kindergarten
    • Primary (1-4 grade)
    • Intermediate (5-8 grade)
    • Secondary (9-12 grade)

Membership to the Club also includes:


A forum for parents to chat with each other to share tips, ideas, and suggestions and ask for help from each other, all while building online friendships


Monthly Zoom sessions with me to ask questions and share herbal wins

In Addition to the current content...

In the future, The Herb Club will offer:

  • New lessons which will launch weekly beginning March 1, 2022 and will continue launching every  week until all 131 eBooks have corresponding video and written curriculum created for them. Herbs upcoming for the beginning of 2022 include: Aloe, Burdock, Chicory, Echinacea,  Goldenrod, Pine, Plantain, Poke, and Willow.
  • Members of the Club the opportunity to vote for lessons they’d like to see added next.
  • A forum for kids to chat with each other to share tips, ideas, and suggestions and ask for help from each other, all while building online friendships.
  • An app for kids on both Android and IOS systems.
  • Live monthly herbal make-alongs and craft sessions
  • Homeschool Group memberships


Membership Menu Preview

Here’s a peek at the menu options in the membership area.

The membership is easy for everyone in the family to navigate – a simple click of a button takes them to the section they want to go to.

Choose from three individual family options

and two homeschool group plans:

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