It’s time for some sobering, inspiring talk.

My children are fearful. They are 13 and 15.

This year, they went to public school for the first time after a lifetime of homeschooling. Living in Illinois, it was required that our schools close for the next several weeks beginning on March 17 (and talk is that it might be closed for the rest of the school year, kudos to our governor for realizing the severity of the situation).

They are angry that their time with their friends has been taken away. No more sleepovers. No more casual visits. No more Friday nights at the local skating rink.

They are fearful of what is going to happen to us. 

To their friends.

To the rest of our family.

To the world at large.

They feel robbed of their childhood as they watch important rites of passages being canceled. Prom is canceled. Graduation is canceled. Ballet recitals are canceled. The list is growing longer and longer. 

My 15 year old turns 16 in August. She has been counting down the days for the past 2 years because it means she can get her driver’s license.

She’s taking it pretty hard that this important event in her life may not happen on her schedule.

All these emotions they are trying to process right now while trying to remember how grateful they should be for what we do have.

Our health. Food. A warm house. Herbal medicine. Knowledge. Technology.

It’s good to realize just how fortunate and privileged we are right now.

We live in a time period where we have multiple forms of entertainment at our fingertips. And even during this pandemic, the food supply has not been cut off.

My partner is considered an essential employee so he’s still working.

We even have a small area of woods at our disposal for taking daily walks away from others in our neighborhood.

So we’re coming up with ways to feel fortunate and take control of the situation while we are on “lock down” in our homes.

My daughter has always wanted to wear her hair in French braids. I am all thumbs when it comes to that style of braiding so she’s never had her hair braided like that.

Until 2 nights ago.

She taught herself! So now, when she wants her hair french braided, she can do it.

My son loves all things video and computer related. I’m trying to add some video content to my online courses.

So I’ve handed him my gimbal and phone and shown him what I need recorded. He is having a blast and I’m getting the content I need!

Sometimes we gather in the kitchen and prepare our meals together.

Other times we gather in the kitchen to make some herbal remedies.

Since my kids were small, they have loved making their own medicine.


It offers empowerment, while giving a sense of control back. They get an opportunity to have a say in the herbs and tastes they can use in their medicine.

And right now, there’s no better time to need a bit of control and empowerment in this uncertain time.

How are you and your family handling this uncertain time?

Are you finding ways to empower your children and give them some control over the current situation?

I’d love to hear your stories!