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The following is a list that I’ve compiled of books, card decks, games, posters and anything else that focuses on herbal learning and is kid friendly. I’ll add to it as I come across more! If you have any suggestions, send them to info AT herbalrootszine DOT com so I can add them! Please note, I do NOT sell these or have these available, they are just a list of resources that are OUT THERE for you and your children to explore. If you would like to support Herbal Roots zine through your purchases of these books, you can shop through our Amazon Associates store. Please note that not all resources listed below are available through Amazon’s website.


Coloring Books:
Trees of the Northeast Coloring Book by Stefen Bernath
Common Weeds Coloring Book by Stefen Bernath
Garden Flowers Coloring Book by Stefen Bernath
Herbs Coloring Book by Stefen Bernath
The Cactus Coloring Book by Stefen Bernath
House Plants Coloring Book by Stefen Bernath
Favorite Wildflowers Coloring Book by Ilil Arbel
Medicinal Plants Coloring Book by Ilil Arbel
American Wild Flowers Coloring Book by Paul E. Kennedy
Medicinal Plants of North America: A Flora Delaterre Coloring Book by Bethy Judy
The Botany Coloring Book by Paul Young
Mushrooms of the World Coloring Book by Jeannette Bowers
A Field Guide to Forests Coloring Book by Roger Tory Peterson, John Kricher and Sara Bennett
A Field Guide to Tropical Forests Coloring Book by John C. Kricher
Floral Alphabet Coloring Book by Leslie Tillett
Garden Flowers Alphabet Coloring Book by Ruth Soffer
Garden Fairy Alphabet Coloring Book by Darcy May
Flower Fairies Alphabet Coloring Book by Cicely Mary Barker
Wild Foods and Animals Coloring Book by Linda Runyon
The Herbaceous Human by Philippe Grenade XIV and Anne Grenade
PDF ABC’s of Permaculture Coloring Book by Children’s Permaculture Guild – Free


Other Kids’ Herbal Curriculum:
An Herbal Summer: Exploring the World of Herbs with Young Children by Tonya Lemos
Herb Fairies by
Herb Fairies Book One – Stellaria’s Big Find by Kimberly Gallagher
Herb Fairies Book Two – Secrets in the Scotch Broom by Kimberly Gallagher
Herb Fairies Book Three – A Fairy Festival Surprise by Kimberly Gallagher
Herb Fairies Book Four – Treasure by Hopping Frog Pond by Kimberly Gallagher
Herb Fairies Book Five – The Secret Trail by Kimberly Gallagher
Herb Fairies Book Six – Cally’s Summer Extravaganza by Kimberly Gallagher
Herb Fairies Book Seven – Through the Mists by Kimberly Gallagher
Herb Fairies Book Eight – The Heart of Dwarf Mountain by Kimberly Gallagher
Herb Fairies Book Nine – A Magical Ride by Kimberly Gallagher
Herb Fairies Book Ten – The Root of Kindness by Kimberly Gallagher
Herb Fairies Book Eleven – Fireside Stories by Kimberly Gallagher
Herb Fairies Book Twelve – Zeylani’s Tropical Oasis by Kimberly Gallagher
Herb Fairies Book Thirteen – Healing the Heart of the Forest by Kimberly Gallagher


Childrens’ Herbals and Kid Friendly Herbals:
A Kid’s Herb Book for Children of All Ages by Lesley Tierra
Walking the World in Wonder: A Children’s Herbal by Ellen Evert Hopman
Herbal Adventures: Backyard Excursions and Kitchen Creations for Kids and Their Families by Ralf Wolf
Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide by Rosemary Gladstar
Herbal Medicine for Beginners by Katja Swift and Ryn Midura
Healing Wise by Susun Weed
Healing Plants of the Rocky Mountains by Darcy Williamson
Opening Our Wild Hearts to the Healing Herbs by Gail Faith Edwards
Making Plant Medicine by Richo Cech
Plantworks by Karen Shanberg and Stan Tekiela
The Mary Frances First Aid Book 100th Anniversary Edition: A Children’s Story-Instruction
First Aid Book with Home Remedies plus Bonus Patterns for Child’s Nurse Cap and Apron
by Jane Eayre Fryer
Traveller’s Joy by Beshlie
Herbs. An ABC Rhyme and Picture Book by Tamara Gondre Lawrence, ND

Botany and Field Identification Books:
Winter Weed Finder: A Guide to Dry Plants in Winter by Dorcas S. Miller
Shanleya’s Quest: A Bontay Adventure For Kids Ages 9 to 99 (book and card deck) by Thomas J. Elpel
Shanleya’s Quest 2: Botany Adventure at the Fallen Tree by Thomas J. Elpel
Nature Leaf Rubbing Plate Set by Roylco
8 Learning Leaves! Rubbing Plate Set
The Botany Coloring Book by Paul Young
Plants (DK Visual Dictionaries by DK Publishing
Planting the Wild GardenSunflower House by Eve Bunting
Tell Me, Tree: All About Trees for Kids by Gail Gibbons
The Tree Book for Kids and Their Grown-ups by Gina Ingoglia
Fungi by Judy Wearing

Wild Food Books:

The Children’s Forest by Dawn Casey, Anna Richardson, and Helen d”Ascoli
Foraging with Kids by Adele Nozedar
Fiddleheads and Mustard Blossoms by Catherine Derevitzky
Lobster Pots and Searocket Sandwiches by Catherine Derevitzky
Wild Edibles: Nature Stories for Children by Mary Hamilton
The Wild & Weedy Apothecary: A – Z Book of Herbal Concotions, Recipes & Remedies, Practical Know-how & Food for the Soul by Doreen Shababy
Milkweed and Winkles: A Wild Child’s Cookbook by Elizabeth McKey Hulbert
Acorn Pancakes, Dandelion Salad, and 38 Other Wild Recipes by Jean Craighead George
Wild, Wild Cookbook by Jean Craighead George
Wild Foods : A Beginner’s Guide to Identifying, Harvesting and Cooking Safe and Tasty Plants from the Outdoors by Laurence Pringle
Wild Foods for Every Table compiled by Tina Sams
The Dandelion Celebration: A Guide to Unexpected Cuisine by Peter A. Gail
Delightfully Delicious Daylily: Recipes and More by Peter A. Gail
Foraging & Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cook Book by Dina Falconi
Lessons from Mother Earth by Elaine McLeod


Miscellaneous Books Fiction and Non-Fiction:
My Grandfather is a Magician by Ifeoma Onyefulu
Honeysuckle Sipping: The Plant Lore of Childhood by Jeanne R. Chesanow
From the Earth to Beyond the Sky: Native American Medicine by Evelyn Wolfson
Keepers of Life: Discovering Plants Through Native American Stories and Earth Activities for Children by Michael J. Caduto
Wildflower Tea by Ethel Pochocki and Roger Essley
The Shaman’s Apprentice : A Tale of The Amazon Rain Forest by Lynne Cherry and Mark Plotkin
North American Indian Medicine People by Karen Liptak
American Indian Healing Arts: Herbs, Rituals, and Remedies for Every Season of Life by E. Barrie Kavasch
The Cherokee Herbal: Native Plant Medicine from the Four Directions by J. T. Garrett
Mysteries of the Rain Forest : 20th Century Medicine Man adapted by Elaine Pascoe
The Legend of the Cranberry: A Paleo-Indian Tale by Ellin Greene
Catnip by Millicent E. Selsam
The Amazing Dandelion by Millicent E. Selsam
The Dandelion Seed by Joseph Anthony
The Dandelion Seed’s Big Dream by Joseph Anthony
Mimosa, the Sensitive Plant by Millicent E. Selsam
I’m a Medicine Woman Too! by Jesse Wolf Hardin
The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush by Tomie dePaola
The Legend of the Poinsettia by Tomie dePaola
The Legend of the Bluebonnet by Tomie dePaola
The Legend of the Lady’s Slipper by Kathy-jo Wargin
The Herbalist of Yarrow: A Fairy Tale of Plant Wisdom by Shatoiya de la Tour
Song of the Seven Herbs by Walking Night Bear and Stan Padilla
Little Green Hiking Hood by Nina Judith Katz
Yana Listens by Nina Judith Katz
Isabella’s Peppermint Flowers by Susan Leopold
Welcome Weeds! A Beginner’s Guide to the Wild Garden by Kimberly Eve
Bloomin’ Tales: Seven Favorite Wildflower Legends by Cherie Foster Colburn
Mountain Wildflower for Young Explorers: An A to Z Guide by Sharon Lamar
Fiddleheads to Fir Trees: Leaves in All Seasons by Joanne Linden
The Flowers’ Festival by Elsa Beskow
Wise Child by Monica Furlong
Juniper by Monica Furlong
Colman by Monica Furlong
My Side of the Mountain Trilogy by Jean Craighead George
Pocket Guide to the Outdoors: Based on My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George
Herbal Pearls: Traditional Chinese Folk Wisdom by Miao Wen-Wei
The Faeries’ Guide to Green Magick from the Garden by Jamie Wood and Lisa Steinke
Falling In by Frances O’Roark Dowell
Rosy’s Garden: A Child’s Keepsake of Flowers by Elizabeth Laird
The Dandelion’s Cousin by Gertrude Teutsch (about Sow Thistle)
The Complete Tales of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter
The Janna Chronicles by Felicity Pulman (homeschoolers and teachers, be sure to check out her teaching guide on her website):
Rosemary for Remembrance (Book 1)
Rue for Repentance (Book 2)
Lilies for Love (Book 3)
Willows for Weeping (Book 4)
Sage for Sanctuary (Book 5)
Thyme for Trust (Book 6)
The Last Wild Witch: An Eco-Fable for Kids and Other Free Spirits by Starhawk
The Fantastic Herbs by Carolina Major Diaz San Fransisco



Herbal Card Decks and Games: 
Wild Cards All Ages Edible Wild Foods Card Deck by Linda Runyon
The Forager’s Wild Edible & Herbal Plant Cards by Abby Artemisia
Shanleya’s Quest: Patterns in Plants Card Game by Thomas J. Elpel
The Herbal Tarot by Michael Tierra
Herbal Oracle and Study Card Deck by Katja Swift and Ryn Midura
Wild Medicine Herbal Cards by Tamed Wild
Wildflowers of North America Knowledge Cards
Herbs and Medicinal Plants Knowledge Cards
Soulflower Plant Spirit Deck by Lisa Estabrook
Plant Ally Cards by Lisa McLoughlin
Botanical Inspirations by Lynn Araujo
The Herbal Healing Deck by Sarah Baldwin
Medicinal Flower Cards by Darcy Williamson
Flower Power: Ancient Herbal Remedy Cards
Herbs Playing Card Deck by Heritage Playing Cards
Spices Playing Card Deck by Heritage Playing Cards
Wild Flowers Playing Card Deck by Heritage Playing Cards
Cottage Garden Playing Card Deck by Heritage Playing Cards
Trees Playing Card Deck by Heritage Playing Cards
North American Trees Playing Card Deck by Heritage Playing Cards
Match A Leaf Tree Matching Game
Tree Wisdom Cards by Lisa McLoughlin
Celtic Tree Oracle Deck by Llewellyn Publications
Celtic Tree Oracle Deck & Book by Murray and Murray
Mushrooms Playing Card Deck by Heritage Playing Cards
Shakespeare’s Flowers Playing Card Deck by Heritage Playing Cards
Druid Plant Oracle Card Deck
Wild & Free Game Cards by LeArta Moulton
Do or Die Game Cards by LeArta Moulton
Permaculture Playing Cards by Paul Wheaton

Herbal and Other Plant Based Board Games:
Wildcraft! by
Walk in the Woods: A Co-operative Board Game by Family Pastimes
Gathering A Garden Board Game by Eeboo
The Garden Game by Ampersand
Herbaceous by Pencil First Games
Herbaceous Sprouts by Pencil First Games
Morels: Strategic Foraging and Feasting for Two by Brent Povis/Two Lanterns Games
Morels Foray by Brent Povis (this is an add-on game; it requires Morels game to play)

Free Downloadable Games:
Tree Leaf Bingo (free downloadable game that teaches about leaf types)
Botany Scavenger Hunt (free downloadable game to get familiar with botany terms)
Go Cultivate! (free downloadable game similar to Go Fish! that teaches native herb identification)
Herbal Bingo (free downloadable game that helps with herb identification)
Plant Quest Botany Game (free downloadable game that helps reinforce basic botany)

Herbal Posters:
Herbal Remedies for Common Ailments
Healing Herbs by
Native American Medicine Plant Chart by Darcy Williamson
Herbs and Medicinal Plants Poster by Pomegranate
The Complete Ayurvedic Herb Chart by
Traditional Healing Herbs by BotanicalPosters
Seaweeds: Celebrate Diversity in the Pacific by Centre for Marine Biodiversity

Kids Herb Garden Sets:
Kidzherbs Garden Kit by Senna Cech

CD’s, Videos and MP3’s:
The Star in the Cottonwood Tree by Mary Louise Defender Wilson on Youtube
From Baba Yaga’s Bag, a 2 CD collection of stories by Susun Weed
Juliette of the Herbs
Know Your Mushrooms (This is a great video but parental review is advised as it covers some mature topics towards the end)
Mushrooms of America

Herbally supportive TV shows:
David the Gnome
The Enchanted World of Brambly Hedge
Avatar: The Last Airbender

Herbal Apps for smart phones, tablets and iPads:
iPlant with Brigitte Mars
ID Weeds
Roger’s Mushrooms
About Herbs
Herbal Advisor
Kamwo Herbal Pharmacy