Spring has arrived early in our part of the country and with it brought early blossoms of sweet smelling Apple. When people think of the healing side of Apple, they automatically think of the fruit or perhaps Apple cider vinegar. Did you know that this tree member of the Rose family also has medicinal value in other parts? 

I love to make an Elixir from the Apple blossoms, twigs and leaves. It is such a wonderful elixir, very opening to the heart and uplifting to the spirits. It hits the spot after a cold, gloomy, damp winter.


Apples are good for digestion and brandy is best pared with herbs that aid in digestion as it is made with pears which are also a digestive aid. This elixir is helpful for proper digestion and can be served as an after dinner cordial or taken in dropper doses to aid the stomach in digestion. It is also useful for those who are working through sorrow or anger. Apple cradles the heart, strengthens it and helps the heart to be whole again.

 To make this elixir, you will need:

Apple blossoms, twigs and leaves
Pint jar

Strip the blossoms and leaves from the twigs and place in the jar. Chop up the twigs and add to the jar until the jar is filled.

Pour enough brandy to fill the jar 3/4 full.

Cover with honey until full. Stir with a chopstick or table knife to mix the honey and remove any bubbles. Top off with honey again.

Seal and let steep for 2-3 weeks shaking daily.

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