Spring has sprung, the grass is green
The Violets bloom, the birds all sing
Dandelions, Chickweed, and Cleavers grow
While peepers peep and rain starts to flow
Winter’s done, on the way out
For Spring is here without a doubt.

Spring is here! In just a few short weeks, we’ve gone from a barren landscape to Speedwell, Ground Ivy, Violets, Dandelions, and Chickweed sprouting and blooming!

A basket full of pruned branches from a peach tree that is in bloom

Even our fruit trees have started blooming – first the plums, then the peaches, and it won’t be long before the pears and apples follow suit.

This is the perfect time to start exploring your neighborhood to discover what plants are popping up! 

Use my Herbs of Spring Scavenger Hunt printable as a starting point to search out plants that are growing.

You can also find an old article about each of these plants here.

Once you’ve found the plants, pick some to add to your salad for dinner time – Dandelion leaves and flowers, Violet leaves and flowers, Chickweed, Clover leaves, young Plantain leaves – all are great salad additions!

Two jars of violet jelly sitting on a rock with violet flowers in the foreground

If you have an abundance of Violet or Dandelion flowers, pick some to make some jelly. It’s a fun activity that will quickly become a tradition in your household.

Want to keep track of all the plants that grow in your backyard? Use my newest free printable – the Backyard Life List printable – to write down all the plants you discover.